Sadio Mane made excuses just joking about saying goodbye.

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Liverpool forward Sadio Mane has dismissed an earlier remark that more than half of Senegalese want themselves to leave the club as mere joking.

         The 30-year-old has made headlines around the world. After speaking earlier that 60-70 per cent of his hometown people wanted to leave Anfield. Which they will do what they want

         However, when asked again about this, Mane clarified what he said was just a joke. But still not confirmed what the future will be 

         “Yesterday I was a little joking. And then it became widespread news,” Mane said.

         “I think we should put a stop to that. Liverpool is a club I have great respect for. The fans have welcomed me since the first day I came here. As for the future, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

         Sadio Mane has enjoyed outstanding success since joining Liverpool in 2016, making 269 appearances, 120 goals and 48 assists, winning the Premier League, FA Cup, League. Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and Club World 1 time each.UFABET 

 Sadio Mane started playing youth football with the club. Academy Genere Sunfoot For a career path that began from 2011-2012 with the Metz team   by playing all 22 games, scoring 2 goals. Then playing with Red Bull Salburg join two seasons He made 63 appearances in total, scoring 31 goals. Later in 2014-2016 playing for Southampton.  and came to Liverpool in 2016   from joining Liverpool He is considered the most expensive African player in history with a fee of 34 million pounds.