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Chelsea attacker Kai Havertz away move to Bayern Munich.

Chelsea attacker Kai Havertz has a strong chance of leaving Stamford Bridge at the end of the 2022-23 season with a glimpse of a move to Bayern Munich. According to A’s guidance. Due to the chaotic situation in London selling snakehead fish Reports from ‘Sport

Bruno Fernandes being one of the candidates of the Year award.

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has reserved. His stance on himself being one of the candidates for the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award. Because he considers other players to be qualified as well. Bruno Fernandes is at the heart of United’s 2022-23

Kyle Walker hailed Gundogan form like Zidane possessed

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker hailed the performance of team-mate Ilkay Gundogan. Saying the performance is in line with Ballon d’Or player Zinedine Zidane. And hopes to continue his hot form in the leg 2nd round, Champions League duel Real Madrid (May 17) When Gundogan

Chalanolu dream comes true.

Hakan Chalanolu, Inter Milan midfielder is more than a dream come true in a double bounce. Because in addition to qualifying for the 2023 Champions League final. It is also playing in Turkey, the land where the roots were formed. The passion for success doubled. Inter beats

Sadio Mane made excuses just joking about saying goodbye.

Liverpool forward Sadio Mane has dismissed an earlier remark that more than half of Senegalese want themselves to leave the club as mere joking.          The 30-year-old has made headlines around the world. After speaking earlier that 60-70 per cent of his

Angel Di Maria has yet to decide on a new team.

Angel Di Maria winger veteran of the Argentina national team. Disclosure has not yet decided on the future. After the expiration of the contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Di Maria has confirmed that he will leave PSG this summer. While Italian giants Juventus are interested in joining the

Messi scored five goals in Argentina’s 5-0 friendly win over Estonia.

Lionel Messi scored five goals in Argentina’s 5-0 friendly win over Estonia on Sunday. Argentina switched football teams after a special 3-0 win over Italy. But the forward still has number one Lionel Messi leading alongside new Manchester city striker Julian Alvarez. While Estonia has

Spain survived after Czech at the last minute 2-2.

Spain narrowly gaining one point after equalizing Czech Republic 2-2 in the last minute of the UEFA Nations League. The football game started 4 minutes. Czech Republic got a quick lead 1-0. Jan Kuchta passed the ball to Yakub Peseck to shoot with the left. by checking

Portugal win the Swiss 4-0.

Portugal secured a beautiful home win with a landslide Switzerland 4-0. Cristiano Ronaldo scores two goals alone in the UEFA Nations League. Portugal, who drew with Spain in the first match 1-1. Called Cristiano Ronaldo back into the starting XI. While Switzerland was led by Granit