Portugal win the Swiss 4-0.

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Portugal secured a beautiful home win with a landslide Switzerland 4-0. Cristiano Ronaldo scores two goals alone in the UEFA Nations League.

Portugal, who drew with Spain in the first match 1-1. Called Cristiano Ronaldo back into the starting XI. While Switzerland was led by Granit Chaka and Xherdan Shaqiri. 

Starting the game for the first 6 minutes. Switzerland Passing the ball into the net from the rhythm of the last corner as Haris Seferovic swooped. But was confiscated by VAR back. UFABET Therefore, the door has not been taken out.

9 minutes later, when Portugal took the lead 1-0 from a free-kick that Ronaldo fired at the first stroke saved. Before William Carvalho was not left behind.  

In 31 minutes Switzerland Can’t find a hole to shoot. So try to look far in front of the penalty area from Xherdan Shaqiri. But not through the hands of Rui Patricio. 

Four minutes later, Portugal led to 2-0 Bruno Fernandes flicked the ball from the right of the penalty area, Diogo Jota caught it and turned to pay for Ronaldo to shoot with the right to not miss.

Portugal had another chance in the 38th minute from a corner kick that Nuno Mendes opened for Pepe to head but the ball hit the post. 

But the Foi Thong army fled to 3-0 until the next minute from the moment that Jota shot directly into the save before the ball fell into Ronaldo’s way, following easily, no remains and ended the first half at this score. 

In the second half.

In the 66th minute, Portugal had a chance to win a free kick in front of the penalty area on the left side. Bruno Fernandes took the shot over the wall. But the ball only hit the crossbar Then it was replaced by Bernardo Silva to play instead. 

But two minutes later, Portugal had a 2-0 lead when Silva, who had just entered the field, passed the ball to Manchester City team-mate Joao Cancelo before touching the goalkeeper who had come out to cut the ball. heavyweights and shot accurately into the first post 

At the end of the game in the 83rd minute, Portugal got a free kick almost on the penalty area line. Ronaldo pressed with full force on the right. The ball seemed to hit the far post, but Yann Somers floated away and brushed it off. 

Then the game ended, Portugal opened the nest to win. Switzerland lost 4-0, collecting up to 4 points, while the army lost two matches in a row.