Gareth Bale says this is the best in Wales football history.

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Wales striker Gareth Bale The 1-0 win over Ukraine was the biggest result in Wales football history. Because it makes the team go to the World Cup final for the first time in 64 years.

The striker, who is out of contract and leaving Real Madrid, said: “It was the greatest result in the history of Welsh football.”

“We’re going to the World Cup!”

“It means everything the dream created.  UFABET We have been trying to do it since I was first in the team.”

“And it can’t be described in words how he feels right now.”

“It is difficult to put into words. That’s what we’ve all done in our careers. And doing this for our fans, our country, ourselves and our families. It was an incredible success. And it will always be something to be proud of.”

“It means everything. It’s the last piece of the puzzle we all need. And we will celebrate tonight.”

When asked if he might postpone his retirement plans, Gareth Bale replied: “Maybe a little!”

Ukraine’s players wept in the rain while applauding their dejected supporters after missing out on qualifying for the World Cup by losing 1-0 to Wales in Europe’s last playoff for the FIFA soccer showpiece on Sunday.