5 Thai fruits help relieve sickness, reduce fever, sickness

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5 Thai fruits help relieve sickness, reduce fever, sickness

When it rains Illness seems inevitable. While many people rely on buying drugs to eat by themselves. Some went to see a doctor. But would you believe the fruit can also help reduce fever? In addition to being delicious, it’s also good for your health . Let’s see ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com what fruits can help you when you’re sick.

1. Farang For most Thai people, probably know “farang” in the name of patient slang. If ingested while having a fever, it can cause death. However, it must said that “farang” does not have a negative effect on people. Who are sick with normal fever, and eating no more than 1-2 guava will help the fever disappear faster as well. Because guava is rich in vitamin C. Helps reduce runny nose and headache. However, in cases of high fever and kidney disease. It should avoided as it may lead to seizures leading to death.

2. Watermelon, a sweet and delicious fruit. That can eaten almost every season. In addition to the watermelon is a refreshing fruit. It is also classified as a fruit. That can help reduce fever because 90% of watermelon is water. When people are sick Our bodies tend to be dehydrated by default. Therefore, eating watermelon is like adding water to the body to refresh. It’s lively and it’s also good at reducing fever.

3. Oranges Oranges are another fruit with the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. by people who smoke or have to stay in There are smokers who are at risk of catching colds and fevers. Because the chemicals in cigarettes are a major contributor to other inflammatory conditions within the body, so to prevent getting sick easily, you need to choose healthy foods.

4. Bael Bael is a fruit that is use to eat and play for fun. Or mix with sticky rice, it’s delicious in another way. In addition to the deliciousness mentioned above The properties of bael also help to relieve heat and expel phlegm, especially those who are sick if eating the fruit helps reduce fever like bael to moisten the throat. and reduce body heat

5. Cantaloupe is considered a fruit that has a cooling effect by people. Who suffer from fever, body temperature is higher than normal. Therefore, it is necessary to lower the internal temperature. Eating cantaloupe with sugar or blending it into a smoothie is another great way. According to research, cantaloupe contains many important substances. Both potassium, vitamins A and C that are abundant. With tangerines, it can be a fruit to help reduce fever and prevent colds as well.

Get to know 5 fruits that help reduce fever and can see that there are many Thai fruits that can help reduce fever very well. However, although these fruits can help relieve fever, but in a good way, we should maintain our health by eating food from all 5 food groups, exercising regularly at least 30 minutes a day, getting enough rest and clearing the mind. That’s it, the sickness will not bother you anymore.