Kyle Walker hailed Gundogan form like Zidane possessed

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker hailed the performance of team-mate Ilkay Gundogan. Saying the performance is in line with Ballon d’Or player Zinedine Zidane. And hopes to continue his hot form in the leg 2nd round, Champions League duel Real Madrid (May 17)

When Gundogan switched to play as a No. 10 midfield pair in a 3-2-2-3 system. His defensive role was reduced. Going to focus on participating in more attacking games. Until he can score 4 goals, 1 assist from the last two league games. 

This divine form, both shooting and passing, reminds the good defender of football legend Zidane. So he gives hope to the 32-carat midfielder to continue his outstanding performance so that the Triple Champion goal continues UFABET

“I saw netizens tweeting and teasing me that in the last few months ‘Gundo’ is coming into shape like ‘Golden Zidane’ Kyle Walker teases the Main team. 

“Sometimes people have to shine a bit. Which he is right at the end of the season like this.”

At the same time.

Kyle also encouraged his friends to go through Madrid to compete for the chance to make history for the club because it was a program that had never been touched. 

“Our club has never touched that championship. The owner of the team has invested a lot. Our players still owe them. 

“The final two years ago against Chelsea, that wasn’t the performance we were able to do. considered to be indebted to himself again.” 

“This Wednesday game is a tight opponent to qualify for the final. Then in the final anything can happen.” 

“Inter Milan is a big club, we have to watch the game and learn how to play. But first of all, get to the finals first.”  

Asian handicap Manchester City per goal -5, total score of three goals -5 , with the first leg drawing 1-1.